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Alzheimer's Society - Cupcake Day

Cupcake Day- 15 June 2017 As you may already know, Dementia is the number one cause of death in England and Wales. I have already written several posts on dementia and alzheimer's as it is a subject that has impacted my life directly,and I am sure everyone reading this post will have been affected or know someone that has. Dementia doesn’t discriminate and currently there is no cure. The Alzheimer’s Society is aiming to change this and they need our help. Your help and the help of cupcakes.
Last year, dedicated Cupcakers, bakers, possibly butchers and maybe even candlestick makers, all around the country united together and raised a tasty £330,000 towards the fight against dementia. That’s enough ‘dough’ to fund 11 PhD researchers for a year, giving them the opportunity to undertake vital, potentially lifesaving work. This year the Alzheimer’s Society is hoping to raise even more and this is where we come in. By joining together for Cupcake Day 2017, you’ll not only be helping to c…

Has mental health tested your parenting life?

The Day I Walked Away.
When it's okay to have a meltdown. First of all let’s establish what a meltdown is. A meltdown is not the same as a tantrum. A meltdown is where stresses build up inside to an unmanageable level and eventually, simply, explode out. There is no control and once released no way to stop. The eruption needs to burn itself out. I talked about what mental health is in my previous post for mental health week and how it can affect the whole family.
Think of yourself as a fizzy bottle of pop. All day we have stresses that build up inside us. For each of these stresses shake that bottle (your body) a little bit. Thoughts we can’t filter. Expectations on us as adults. People asking us to do things - SHAKE the bottle a little bit more. Our internal todo lists. Emotions, and physical feelings - SHAKE that bottle a little bit more. Generally we can all manage these shakes and settle ourselves again between each shake. Sometimes however these rests between shakes don’t happ…

What is Mental Health?

The Definition of Mental Health
It has become more obvious to me recently that children and young people are increasingly likely to suffer from mental health problems, which impacts their overall well-being. I have been a teaching assistant for 9 years now and early intervention is critical in controlling the trend. I have heard some people question whether children really experience mental health problems, or is it a label given by adults to explain away or excuse different behaviours? I strongly believe my Autistic son suffers on the edge of depression, but was categorically told by a GP that children can’t get depression. REALLY! It was suggested that it was perhaps instead, a learned behaviour used by young people as a way of gaining attention? SERIOUSLY?

The definition of mental health is very broad and covers all physical and mental states. The Mental Health Act understands these complexities and therefore seeks interventions for treatment that should be least restrictive, least …

Monthly Roundup - April

April 2017 April started off at my life’s usual manic pace with two of our three dogs needing a trip to the vet. Loki our GSD was easy, her visit was simply her annual booster vaccination. Mojo, the JRT however was a little more trouble as he has daily steroid medication for a life long allergy problem, but he had run out of tablets.

As a result of no medication, Mojo’s allergies had flared up and he had an ear infection poor thing. I had to get that sorted asap as poorly teen and I only had 2 nights at home before heading back to Cardiff with poorly teen, for another week of treatment with chemotherapy cycle 5. This proved to be the hardest week of my life to date mentally. I suffered a breakdown and ended up in treatment and counseling myself leaving hubby to manage Ryan and his chemo. I will be writing a post about my darkest time to coincide with mental health week in May. Get in contact and let me know if you want to take part by writing a guest post.

Ryan’s chemo cycle went well …

Liebster Blog Award Nomination

Discover New Blogs! The Liebster Award is an online award given to bloggers by other bloggers that helps spread the blogging love. I was surprised and warmed to find one morning that I had been nominated for the award by the lovely Lucy Connolly at

Are you are stationery addict like me?

Papyrus Stationery National Stationery Week 24-30 April 2017
To celebrate such a prestigious week that this year focuses on ‘Writing Matters’ I wanted to share with you all my stationery story.

Have you discovered the new BookBeat audiobooks app?

BookBeat Audiobooks App Review. In 2015 Bonnier Books – one of Europe’s leading publishing companies – gathered a team of digital innovators and literature lovers to create a market leading service for digital books.

How well does your handbag work for you?

MiaTui handbags: Emma tote - Review

How often do you scroll through those annoying video adverts on Facebook? Yes I know, most of the time. I was doing my daily thumb and forefinger exercises musing through my news feed when I came to a video about a handbag.
The video was for Mia Tui handbags. I was mesmerised by the gorgeous pink lining, you know how much I love pink. The bag had a myriad of pockets and accessories. I thought “Wow. This bag was made for me” and that is exactly what the maker Charlotte wanted me to think. She nailed the marketing, I was hooked.

Now would be a good time to mention that there are no affiliation links in this post. My obsession for Mia Tui is all my own, you can rest assured I recommend her to you from my own terrifically positive experience.
I googled the company and was almost overwhelmed by the choice of designs, shapes and colours. One of the great features on the website is the ‘Choosing the right bag’ guide which shows detailed outline drawings of …

Monthly Roundup - March

MARCH 2017

This is my first ever monthly round up and as a one off, it is for a month and a bit as my new website was born on 20th February 2017.