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5 Reasons why you should try BookBeat Audiobooks

BookBeat AudioBooksWell, I'm not sure how I've managed to live my life without audio books they are so convenient while pottering around the house doing housework. I listen to my books while hanging the washing or doing the vacuuming. They're so useful I even have it to listen to in the car.

The Diet Plate and Children's Magic Plate

The Diet Plate®

I don’t feel at all as if I am on a diet. I eat exactly what my family are eating. I am not buying or cooking separate meals. The plate allows me to be mindful of my portion sizes without the age old “mum’s on a diet again” comments and feelings of missing out.

6 Things I have stressed about as a new blogger.

New to Blogging
First of all, I can hear you all asking, why have I only covered 6 things? I have stressed about so much since starting my blog four months ago, that I could write nothing else ever and still never finish. It is a steep, although fun and empowering learning curve.

Monthly Roundup - June

June 2017
Officially half way through the year and what a 6 months it has been so far. 2016 was by far the worst year in my family’s lives. It was utterly devastating but 2017 has been so much more positive. We are slowly learning to live our lives once again. I try so hard to find the positives in all life’s hurdles and this is where my blogging comes into its own. I initially started as a form of therapy. Writing about my experiences, yet it has grown to be so much more.
Parenting, Pastimes, ProseccoOn 20 February 2017, I created I had plans to offer mentoring and lifestyle advice to others. Create ebooks and free resources to help others in their own daily situations. I got caught up in the whole blogging ethos and felt pressured into self-hosting and creating an empire. I cannot thank everyone enough for the support they have given my little corner of the internet, but I did too much too soon and it really knocked the progress I had made with my mental health. I h…

Mia Tui - Megan Handbag.

Mia Tui: Megan Handbag ReviewAnyone who has read my blog or knows me understands how much I love my Emma handbag by Mia Tui. It is my best friend, my soulmate, my workhorse. It is my hospital and university bag. You can catch up on my review of the Emma bag if you missed it and now I have the honour of presenting the Megan to you. Charlotte, owner of Mia Tui has kindly allowed me to host the most fantastic giveaway MamiSkilts has seen, where you can win your very own Megan handbag. I’ll get to that bit shortly. Read on for the Megan review...

MeganMegan is a beautiful small cross-body bag that has featured on QVC. She is much smaller than the Emma and is perfect for work, going out, shopping or any other activities. She fits perfectly into your busy lifestyle. You have one main zipped compartment which has phone and pen holder, clips for your keys and another zip pocket. There is a front pocket which is fastened with a magnetic popper. Zipped pocket on the reverse. Megan is a small bag, bu…

8 ways The Diet Plate can work for you!

The perfect portion weight management system.
I do not recall the exact time that I first saw The Diet PlateⓇ advertised. I was a few years ago now. I remember thinking wow that looks awesome, but never actually did anything about ordering one. This oversight on my part was due to a) not being prepared to dish out (see what I did there) any money and b) thought, oh it is just another gimmick that won’t actually work.

Moon Crossing Book Review

Moon Crossing Book ReviewAuthor: Cathy Farr

Why I chose this book: I loved Moon Chase, the first book in the series, which finished on a cliffhanger.

Illustration: Sam Wall (cover) and Alan Marks (in book) Classification: Fiction

BookBeat Audiobooks - Trisha Ashley: Wish Upon a Star

App and Book Review.
I have been using the BookBeat audiobooks app for almost three months now and to be honest I am surprised at myself for not embracing audiobooks sooner in my life. I always thought that you could only really be one, or the other, not both, but I have since come to appreciate that you can enjoy both as both serve different approaches to enjoying your favourite books. I love to curl up in bed with a good book, real life page turning and a pretty bookmark, but I love the convenience of listening while working, doing the house work or crafting.  I have even enjoyed listening while driving in the car, when exercising and walking our dogs. BookBeat would like to offer my readers a special introductory offer of one month free trial to their app. You can get two weeks for free right now by signing up at or one month free by signing up to MamiSkilts exclusive members club.

Monthly Roundup - May

May 2017.
How another round up post has come round again, I simply don’t know, but what a difference to last month’s post. Things are so much better and more positive this round up. May started well when I became the parent to an adult child. Grumpy Teen turned 18. It just so happens that on the same day youngest teen had his last day of chemo on the Teenage Cancer Trust ward in Cardiff Hospital. Grumpy teen and his girlfriend drove across South Wales to spend the day with Ryan, then Dadi Skilts and I took the birthday boy and his girlfriend for a cheeky Nando's at Cardiff Bay.

Ryan was discharged from hospital and we had been home for a couple of weeks recuperating before maintenance started when I received the most surreal phone call from oncology. Ryan doesn't need any maintenance. His treatment is over. We have been discharged. He can go back to school. I could barely speak down the phone I was so stunned. A nurse has already been to take out his feeding tube at home and ou…