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BookBeat Audiobooks - Trisha Ashley: Wish Upon a Star

App and Book Review.
I have been using the BookBeat audiobooks app for almost three months now and to be honest I am surprised at myself for not embracing audiobooks sooner in my life. I always thought that you could only really be one, or the other, not both, but I have since come to appreciate that you can enjoy both as both serve different approaches to enjoying your favourite books. I love to curl up in bed with a good book, real life page turning and a pretty bookmark, but I love the convenience of listening while working, doing the house work or crafting.  I have even enjoyed listening while driving in the car, when exercising and walking our dogs. BookBeat would like to offer my readers a special introductory offer of one month free trial to their app. You can get two weeks for free right now by signing up at or one month free by signing up to MamiSkilts exclusive members club.

8 ways The Diet Plate can work for you!

The perfect portion weight management system.
I do not recall the exact time that I first saw The Diet PlateⓇ advertised. I was a few years ago now. I remember thinking wow that looks awesome, but never actually did anything about ordering one. This oversight on my part was due to a) not being prepared to dish out (see what I did there) any money and b) thought, oh it is just another gimmick that won’t actually work.

Wild Dunk: Camping safely when living with Diabetes

What is Wild Camping?
Welcome to the second instalment of #WildDunk. Our first post proved immensely popular. Far better than we had hoped or expected, so thank you all for engaging and sharing. If you missed it though, you can catch up with DadiSkilts at Oxwich Bay. This post coincides with Diabetes Awareness Week so we thought it appropriate to look at DadiSkilts love of wild camping and how he manages that hobby whilst also coping with type 1 diabetes.

Moon Crossing Book Review

Moon Crossing Book ReviewAuthor: Cathy Farr

Why I chose this book: I loved Moon Chase, the first book in the series, which finished on a cliffhanger.

Illustration: Sam Wall (cover) and Alan Marks (in book) Classification: Fiction

Diabetes Week - Type 1 Adult onset..

Know diabetes, fight diabetes.
Remember, remember the fifth of November will always and forever mean a whole different history in the Skilton household. It all started in November 2004, the fateful night when DadiSkilts (DS) was rushed to hospital. Do not pass go. No sparklers or bonfires for us. DS had been ill for a good chunk of the preceding year and thought he had discovered a brilliant new diet where you drank litres of water and lost loads of weight (although you had zero energy and slept most of your life away). I assured him, women across the world would have sussed that one millennia ago. I don’t know why, but I encouraged him to get a diabetes test as the local pharmacy were offering free ones at the time.

Monthly Roundup - May

May 2017.
How another round up post has come round again, I simply don’t know, but what a difference to last month’s post. Things are so much better and more positive this round up. May started well when I became the parent to an adult child. Grumpy Teen turned 18. It just so happens that on the same day youngest teen had his last day of chemo on the Teenage Cancer Trust ward in Cardiff Hospital. Grumpy teen and his girlfriend drove across South Wales to spend the day with Ryan, then Dadi Skilts and I took the birthday boy and his girlfriend for a cheeky Nando's at Cardiff Bay.

Ryan was discharged from hospital and we had been home for a couple of weeks recuperating before maintenance started when I received the most surreal phone call from oncology. Ryan doesn't need any maintenance. His treatment is over. We have been discharged. He can go back to school. I could barely speak down the phone I was so stunned. A nurse has already been to take out his feeding tube at home and ou…

Wild Dunk: Kayaking at Oxwich Bay

Wild Dunk
Welcome to a new feature here at Parenting, Pastimes, and Prosecco. Dadi Skilts has decided to get on board with the blogging bandwagon and share his love of Wild Camping under the banner Wild Dunk. Thank you for stopping by and we hope you enjoy this first installment in which DS will review the area and equipment used. There are no affiliate links in this posts, just good old, heartfelt advice and opinions.  

How I began my blogging empire: Cost Free, Stress Free.

Happy Bloggerversary In 2010 I began my blogging journey. I had dabbled a little bit in 2009, but only as an experiment, those early blogs have been relegated to the deepest depths of Google’s archives (I hope). My 2010 blog is still live and the beginning of my blogging empire. It was an online diary for family and friends to update them about an extremely eventful period in my family’s life. When House Met Van.

General Election: The reasons why you should vote

Snap General Election Special

With 2 weeks to go until the snap general election on Thursday 8 June. I thought I would write an election special post to add my thoughts to the emotive topic of politics and the reasons why you should vote. You don’t need many guesses to know who I will be voting for. I have been a member of the Green Party for almost a year now. I can even tell you the exact date I joined; on June 25 2016. Why did I join a political party at the ripe old age of 41? I will tell you. The EU referendum, that’s why.