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What is Normal?

Who decides?   I personally prefer the term typical it doesn't seem so harsh. If someone I love has a degree of 'abnormal', is it my duty to 'normalise' that person so they are not cast out by society? But am I normal? The rule book I ordered must have got lost in the post.

Okay so I agree there must be some rules, some degree of right from wrong that each of us should learn no matter what our 'normal rating' is. My son is Autistic so I will make allowances for his behaviour but I will not allow him to use Autism as an excuse for his behaviour.

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Kids! Remind me again why we have em!

I have always wanted to have children. This demented fantasy started when I was about 15 years old. I have always had this dreamy view on how wonderful it would be. I was going to meet a wonderful man, get married in a big fairy-tale wedding and live in this gorgeous chocolate box picturesque house, no, make that a mansion and wallow in my excitement to have this tiny bundle of joy, to hold, to cuddle, to look after, to play with.

Babies smell so nice; they are totally dependent on you, they love you unconditionally. I was going to be the best mami in the world, I would skip along with these wonderful darlings (I intend to have several) skipping along with me as we glided through life, enjoying the wonders of the world.

BANG!!!! And the fantasy balloon went pop. Wow the ground hurts when you hit it flat on your ass with this screaming screwed up ball that bares a distinct resemblance to Winston Churchill.