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Walk with Me poem.

I do not know who wrote this poem nor can I remember where I got it from. I do not try to take any credit for this work but would like to share it all the same. I dedicate this to my autistic son.

Walk with me

Walk with me my darling. I'm here to hold your hand
Talk to me my darling. I'll try to understand.
My hand you may not want to hold, words you cannot say
But still I'll walk beside you, I am with you all the way.

Children with special needs are born, I once heard someone say
Only to those who have enough love to guide them on their way.
Well I may not always get things right, but love I do have plenty
You've taught me so much and without you, my life would be so empty.

The world can be so cruel, to one who doesn't conform
But remember that from difference, often brilliance is born.
People tend to be afraid of what they do not know
This is their problem, never yours; hold your head high and grow.

Our lives may not be easy, with the tantrums and the tears