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Moon Chase

Book reviewAuthor: Cathy Farr Illustrator: Sam Wall and Alan Marks Classification: Fiction Why I chose this book: A fun read from a newly favourite author. The cover of this book grabbed me immediately. I love dogs as anyone who knows me knows, and aside from the fact a great big gorgeously looking dog is the focal point of the cover, I was also, immediately drawn to the dark foreboding illustration and why on earth there were 2 full moons?
Wil Calloway is a young boy, from a local village. He wakes up one morning and remembers a strange dream he had during the night about Fellhounds. Huge Fellhounds of Thesk, only he is beginning to wonder, was it a dream at all? As the mysteries start to unravel Wil finds himself in a great deal of trouble and he is going to need all the help he can get from the unlikeliest of friends as he takes on Wraithe Wolves and the challenge of staying alive. What I loved about this book is that Cathy gets you to really know the characters. You become immersed i…

NHS Million - Open Letter to Jeremy Hunt

31 May 2016 Dear Mr Jeremy Hunt Twice I have had to call on the ambulance service in the past three months, once for my dear mother in law in February and once for my own mother in April.  Twice those ambulances were called at ridiculously unsociable hours, yet on both occasions I was greeted by outstanding professionalism, care and compassion. My mother in law’s first response treatment was carried out in extremely difficult and in fact dangerous conditions, but the crew not only stepped up to the mark, they stepped clear over it in order to save her life. 
Twice I was concerned about my ability to drive safely to meet those ambulances at A&E due to my increasing tiredness at such a late hour, let alone have the ability to be able to function to provide life saving treatment as the medical staff on arrival at hospital had to do.
Twice I have spent a ‘night shift’ with both my mother in law and mother in A&E. In the case of my mother in law, no less than 23 nurses, doctors and…