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A day in the life of a dementia carer.

by Dr DM Rowson I still find it hard to talk about the difficult time we went through but if this helps someone else to overcome their difficulty then it will have been worthwhile.

A little history and background to help you understand. I am 72 years old by the time you read this my wife will be 76. We married in 1973 so have been together for more than 43 years. We both retired in 2004 and moved to Ceredigion in 2007. We slowed down and both had minor health problems as old age took its toll. In September 2013 Margaret fell in our kitchen and broke her upper right arm so I started my role as a carer.

First it was helping her dress and brush her hair but that phase passed as the bone knitted though full mobility in her shoulder was compromised and she got depressed and gradually did less and less round the house as I did more and more. As 2014 progressed I got more and more frustrated as she seemed to forget where she had left her glasses or bag nearly everyday. The final blow was in Oct…

7 Stages and Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease

Knowing the signs and symptoms.The term “dementia” is used to describe a set of symptoms that can include memory loss, difficulty thinking, problem solving, or issues with language. Dementia is caused by damage to the brain cells, and because Alzheimer's is a disease that destroys the brain, it is one of the most common causes of dementia.
There was a post on Facebook recently with the following wording:

Firstly there is a difference between Alzheimer's and vascular dementia- Alzheimer's patients can have medication that helps their cognitive state whereas vascular dementia patients have a death sentence. They progress backwards to the point where they can't look after themselves and are in a newborn state. But unlike a newborn they lose the ability to swallow. Then the choice must be made as to provide a feeding tube or not.
Imprisonment in one's own rapidly shrinking brain is how a doctor described it to me. I wouldn't wish Dementia/Alzheimer's on my worst …

What Makes You Happy?

International Day of Happiness
I am happy because is one month old today. Happy blogday to me. 🎉

Happiness to me is the love of and for my children and of course my pawsome furry trio.

So I got to thinking. What is happiness? What does it mean to you? What makes you happy?
Comment below and share with your friends, let’s start a conversation. I would love to know your thoughts.

Yankee Candle - Review

Product Review.Hands up (or comment below) who likes candles? Even better, who loves candles? Yes, yes, me too.

I love my candles and I mean l.o.v.e. my candles. They are in every downstairs room of my house. DadiSkilts, and SonSkilts just roll their eyes at me, but little do the understand the many uses that candles have. For one, they provide light, especially in a power cut. Have you seen Revolution? Exactly! They look pretty, and come in every imaginable shapes, sizes and colours to please everyone, but most of all they smell lush. This is a vital selling point when you own three, yes 3, dogs.

Now there are no prizes for guessing my favourite brand of candle (prizes come later), and now will be a good time to point out that that there are no affiliate links in this post, I have no ties to Yankee Candle, this post is purely from the heart. So did you guess correctly:

Yankee Candle are my favourite candle brand. You simply get what you pay for. They genuinely smell amazing and truly…

I'm Never Ill

BOOK REVIEWAuthor: Mark D Pritchard

Cover photo: Mark D Pritchard

Classification: non fiction

Why I chose this book: I wanted an insight into Mark’s journey and how it & his mind set compares to my own situation.

I have been following Mark on twitter for sometime now. I cannot remember exactly how I came across his feed but was drawn to his bio of surviving a brain haemorrhage and his wife's battle against breast cancer.

It was very recently though that I became aware of his book documenting their journey titled I’m Never Ill. The cover of the book doesn't necessarily immediately jump out at you, but it is a powerful picture to me, of the long, bumpy road ahead. It is neither a warm or exciting looking trip either, but instead more, cold and lonely looking. A very compelling image that embraces the story you are about to embark on.

You may not be instinctively drawn to such a foreboding topic either. Brain surgery, brushes with death and serious illness are hardly uplifting …

Hands up, who likes Prosecco?

My favourite 'P' word...Prosecco.Anyone who knows me, and several who don't, acknowledges that I have a soft spot for an occasional glass of spumante Italian white wine.
After extensive research and product testing I can confirm that my number one favourite is Belletti Extra dry - Aldi circa £5 75cl. I love the taste, it is very palatable. I have had a bottle that was five times the price from a posh hotel in Pembrokeshire and had to put lemonade in which still barely made it drinkable. A crime against bubbles.

My friends know me well and understand my love for the bubbly stuff. I received these lush gummies for Christmas from my BFF.  Just unscrewing the lid and having a sniff is enough to help lift one's mood. My very own sal volatile. 

And this lovely collection from another dear friend. The Prosecco candle smells amazing trust me. I have yet to sample the bottle, It is not one I have had previously so will update this post with a review in good time. 

I know that peo…

When your loved one has dementia.

You look, but you cannot see. You listen, but you cannot hear. You follow, but you do not understand.  You do not know me, but I know you. I will remember for both of us. I will sit with you, I will hold your hand. I do not judge, I only love. I am your daughter, you are my mum❤

As a family we knew mum's memory was failing her many years before her diagnosis. For a while we laughed it off, next we buried our heads in the sand, then we became frustrated with trying to convince her to seek a diagnosis. None of wanted to face it. She was becoming very forgetful. Mixing us up with other family members. Wandering from the house because she didn’t know where she was. Frightened of the strange man in her house (dad). Going from the bedroom to the bathroom and getting ‘lost’. Random items being put away in completely the wrong place. Putting the washing machine on with nothing in or non washable items. Switching the cooker or stove on and walking away. Heating empty pans.

It was almost impos…

Parenting 101

Am I an expert?I don't have a certificate in parenting, but I can class myself as an expert only by my 17 years of experience. 18 if you include being pregnant, which is an achievement in itself. There are no exams you can take or really any rule book you can read and learn, because there is no definitive right or wrong.

I have wanted children since I was about 15 years old. I rambled about this fantasy in my first ever blog post way back in 2009, not long after receiving youngest son’s Autism diagnosis, but back to eldest Skilts for a moment. He is the reason I become a mum and as sappy as it sounds. THE BEST job in the world.

It was August 1998, I was living in my first house share rental, with then boyfriend. We had only been together 17 months and were up to our eyeballs with student debt, when we discovered the (unplanned) news that I was pregnant. Now didn't I just say I couldn't wait to become a mum, so you would think I would be ecstatic about the news. Oh no. The c…

26 Working from Home Surveys

There are no affiliation links in this post. See my disclosure policy for more information. Why is it that most working from home job ads read like a scam? Basically because most are. I love the following witticism.

**JOB VACANCY** Does anyone want some work? I've got a huge job coming up and I need 3 people, 8 hours a day for 2 days. It will pay £1,500 a day plus hotel (if you're not from this area) and food for the job. Will also give £350 bonus if the job is completed on time!! Total pay for 2 days work would be £3,000. The dates needed are Feb 30th and 31st and you must be committed, well presented and must be on time!

That is basically how the vast majority of ads read. Offering the world without giving away any actual details and did you read it ALL, every word. Check the dates. Meh! Yet people fall for it every time. People like me.

I have a seriously ill youngest son and I am on my second ‘career break’. The second time I have been unable to work as he requires 24 hour a…