I'm Never Ill


Author: Mark D Pritchard

Cover photo: Mark D Pritchard

Classification: non fiction

Why I chose this book: I wanted an insight into Mark’s journey and how it & his mind set compares to my own situation.

I have been following Mark on twitter for sometime now. I cannot remember exactly how I came across his feed but was drawn to his bio of surviving a brain haemorrhage and his wife's battle against breast cancer.

It was very recently though that I became aware of his book documenting their journey titled I’m Never Ill. The cover of the book doesn't necessarily immediately jump out at you, but it is a powerful picture to me, of the long, bumpy road ahead. It is neither a warm or exciting looking trip either, but instead more, cold and lonely looking. A very compelling image that embraces the story you are about to embark on.

A journey through brain surgery and beyond. by Mark D Pritchard

You may not be instinctively drawn to such a foreboding topic either. Brain surgery, brushes with death and serious illness are hardly uplifting subjects but what the story gives you is a detailed yet lighthearted insight into a subject that could affect any one of us at anytime. From the very first page the wording grabs hold of you. Mark opens with...

If we have something that people can benefit from or enjoy, there is no excuse not to share it. Maybe we have a responsibility to do so.

At several points throughout the book my reaction was one of Oh my gosh. Wow. Disbelief. Amazement. There were several moments when I physically slapped my hand to my mouth in shock and awe, I was continually gripped by the obstacles that Mark has had to overcome, and overcome them all he did, without wavering his resolve and positive outlook. All the time wanting to share his own journey in the hope of helping someone else on their path.

The way that Mark writes draws you in to the book and you feel is if you are right there on the hospital ward with him, with the rich descriptive language that he uses to visualise every aspect of his life, hospital stays and subsequent recoveries. I feel as if I am now a friend of the family, knowing his lovely wife Sarah (great name), his children, work colleagues and family.

He reiterates for you, the need to grab life by the reins, get out and enjoy. Yes we need to work to save for retirement, raise family etc, but everyone can find a balance and enjoy life too. You need wherever possible to adopt the mindset of working to live not living to work. For Mark, having a brain haemorrhage was, he says, the best thing that has ever happened to him. It helped him to remember that it is good to be alive. It helps me to know there is light at the end of the dark tunnel my own son is in on his lymphoma road trip.

I honestly recommend everyone read this book. It is uplifting, inspirational and a great read. Have you read it? Get in contact and let me know. If not, what are you currently reading right now?

Further reading can be found on Mark’s website –  Here, you will find (amongst other things) a humorous chemotherapy blog. There is no charge, and #TeamPritchard are keen to share these with anyone who may find them interesting or beneficial.


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