Hands up, who likes Prosecco?

My favourite 'P' word...Prosecco.

Anyone who knows me, and several who don't, acknowledges that I have a soft spot for an occasional glass of spumante Italian white wine.

After extensive research and product testing I can confirm that my number one favourite is Belletti Extra dry - Aldi circa £5 75cl. I love the taste, it is very palatable. I have had a bottle that was five times the price from a posh hotel in Pembrokeshire and had to put lemonade in which still barely made it drinkable. A crime against bubbles.

Belletti  Prosecco with flute from Wilko collection

My friends know me well and understand my love for the bubbly stuff. I received these lush gummies for Christmas from my BFF.  Just unscrewing the lid and having a sniff is enough to help lift one's mood. My very own sal volatile. 

Friars Prosecco Gummies

And this lovely collection from another dear friend. The Prosecco candle smells amazing trust me. I have yet to sample the bottle, It is not one I have had previously so will update this post with a review in good time. 

Prosecco collection, Gummies, Brut, Candle

I know that people are generally in one camp, be it Chamagne, Cava or Prosecco. Which are you? Comment below to let's us know. Let's start a sparkling survey. 


  1. Cheers though I prefer GIN

    1. Not another GIN lover. You are everywhere. ;) I'll stick to grapes thanks. :D

    2. What ever you like in your bucket (list).


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