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Working from home surveys review.

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Why is it that most working from home job ads read like a scam? Basically because most are. I love the following witticism.

Does anyone want some work? I've got a huge job coming up and I need 3 people, 8 hours a day for 2 days. It will pay £1,500 a day plus hotel (if you're not from this area) and food for the job. Will also give £350 bonus if the job is completed on time!! Total pay for 2 days work would be £3,000. The dates needed are Feb 30th and 31st and you must be committed, well presented and must be on time!

That is basically how the vast majority of ads read. Offering the world without giving away any actual details and did you read it ALL, every word. Check the dates. Meh! Yet people fall for it every time. People like me.

I have a seriously ill youngest son and I am on my second ‘career break’. The second time I have been unable to work as he requires 24 hour a day care and I am struggling to cope. I have been looking at ways to boost our household income as a result and found an excellent article on Money Saving Expert about Paid Online Surveys. Now I like MSE, I trust the advice, so I thought I would give the world of surveying a shot. After all I have nothing to lose. Right?

The MSE article I read contained links to 26 companies, of which I chose to register with 15, as I wanted payment either by paypal or amazon vouchers. Others offer prize draws or high street vouchers. I have completed my first two weeks of full time, hard core surveying and I feel a great deal of effort is required for very little return. I have suffered neck ache and eye strain in addition to the need to collect copious amounts of points before you can redeem them for any rewards. For example I have 187 points with one company, £5 paypal is worth 182 points, but I cannot redeem any until I have earned 1000 points, which at currents rates will take approximately 20 weeks to achieve.

In the last 2 weeks I have earned enough for one payout from Opinion Outpost to the value of approximately half the cost of a cheap bottle of Prosecco from Aldi. That is all. Many surveys offer large numbers of points, you spend time on the pre-survey survey only to then get screened out and receive nothing. A couple will offer you a free prize draw entry if this happens. There are 2 companies that I am close to their points award threshold, so I will persevere and see if I can reach the required level. I will update if and when that happens, hopefully in the next couple of weeks.  

Working from Home Surveys

I have decided that I would rather spend my time and effort writing blog posts, reviewing products and hosting giveaways. I know that none of these will bring me in any pennies either, but they are far more fun ways of spending my time. I love interacting with you all, so if you any of you have tried any of these for yourselves, be sure to leave a comment below with your own experiences or tweet me to start a conversation.  


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