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OK, hands up (or comment below) who likes candles? Even better, who loves candles? Yes, yes, me too.

I love my candles and I mean love my candles. They are in every downstairs room of my house. DadiSkilts, and SonSkilts just roll their eyes at me, but little do the understand the many uses that candles have. For one, they provide light, especially in a power cut. Have you seen Revolution? Exactly! They look pretty, and come in every imaginable shapes, sizes and colours to please everyone, but most of all they smell lush. This is a vital selling point when you own three, yes 3, dogs.

Now there are no prizes for guessing my favourite brand of candle (prizes come later), and now will be a good time to point out that that there are no affiliate links in this post, I have no ties to Yankee Candle, this post is purely from the heart. So did you guess correctly:

Selection of jar and tealight candles

Yankee Candle are my favourite candle brand. You simply get what you pay for. They genuinely smell amazing and truly last for hours. I have tried and do buy lots of other styles and types of candles, but Yankee are certainly a market leader in quality and are very reasonably priced, especially as many franchises and shops have offers and sales on, so you can often grab a bargain if you know where to look .
I prefer to use the large jar candles in my kitchen as they last and last if looked after correctly. I use the small jar and votive candles in my living room and conservatory, as I like to experiment with displays on my coffee table and try out all the different fragrances. I am also smitten with all the lovely accessories you can get for you growing candle hobby. The wick trimmer is a must for the large jars as is a topper.

Now at first I thought “Why do I need a topper”, that is an unnecessary expense, but I spotted a gorgeous patterned one in a sale and thought, why not. I am converted and fully recommend you invest in one if you haven’t already as they fit the medium and large jars and come in a plethora of styles and designs.

They are practical as well as decorative, jar toppers are specifically designed to enhance fragrance distribution by making the candle flame burn steadier. Jar toppers are specifically designed to reduce the effects of drafts, and I can confirm they do work. Not sure of the magic of physics how, but they do.

Now the exciting bit: Competition Giveaway.

I am offering a Yankee Candle™ Small Jar Candle in All is Bright fragrance. Worth £8.99.

Yankee Candle - All is Bright 104g

The traditional design of the signature classic jar candle reflects a warm, relaxed sense of style that's always at home. Convenient and easy to use, the small jar candle provides 25 to 40 hours of true fragrance enjoyment.

About This Fragrance: All is Bright has a blend of sparkling citrus scents drifting on warm musk.

Fragrance Notes:

Top: Grapefruit, Orange
Mid: Redcurrant
Base: Sweet Musk
Top note is the initial impression of the fragrance, middle note is the main body of the scent and base is its final impression.

To Enter: You must be a UK resident. Click on the Gleam competition dash board link below and follow the instructions to enter. This is my first competition hosted by Gleam, so if you spot any glitches, please do get in contact as I want this to go as smoothly and as fun as possible. There are multiple ways to enter and you can enter multiple times, so what do you have to lose. You've 'gotta' be in it to win it. Good luck everyone.

Yankee Candle Giveaway

Competition T&C
1: The Prizedraw is Open to residents in the UK only and must be aged 13 or older.
2: Closing date for entries is 8am Thursday 23 March 2017.
3: Winner will be chosen at random via Gleam’s 'Random Winner' Feature.
4: Failure to comply with mandatory entries will result in disqualification.
5: Winner will be contacted via Email or Twitter.
6: The winner has two weeks to claim their prize. If the winner does not reply in  that time, a new winner will be selected in their place.
7: Your Information will NOT be given to anyone. The Winner's Name and address will be used only  to send your prize.
8: Prize cannot be exchanged for money.

The following is taken from the Yankee Candle website and is their recommended instructions for use. I take no responsibility for how you choose to use and care for your candle.

All Candle Styles

  • Remove all packaging before you light the candle.
  • Trim the wick to 3mm (1/8") before lighting, and keep trimmed at all times while burning.
  • Always use an appropriate holder placed on a protected, heat-resistant surface.
  • Keep wax pool free of wick trimmings, matches or any foreign matter - this is combustible material and may cause a fire hazard.
  • Burn candles indoors, away from drafts, other heat sources, and any flammable objects or materials.
  • If smoking occurs, safely extinguish the candle with a Candle Snuffer, trim wick, remove trimmings and relight.
  • Keep burning candles within sight at all times.
  • Do not move candles while they are lit.
  • Handle with care; glass containers are fragile. Avoid glass to glass contact when removing or replacing the lid. Do not use if cracked, chipped or scratched. Do not refill with wax.
  • Do not allow the flame to touch the side of the jar. The jar may become hot. Handle carefully.
  • To minimize wax left on the sides of the jar, burn 3 hours at a time; it is normal for some wax to be left, the amount varying per colour, fragrance and burning conditions.
  • Prevent possible heat damage to the counter/surface by discontinuing use when 12mm (1/2") of wax remains.
  • Extinguish carefully before replacing the lid.

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