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BookBeat Audiobooks App Review

In 2015 Bonnier Books – one of Europe’s leading publishing companies – gathered a team of digital innovators and literature lovers to create a market leading service for digital books.

Spurred on by their commitment to books and to new technology BookBeat was created and backed by Bonnier books, which has had more than one hundred years worth of experience with creating, refining and distributing great stories.

BookBeat is an audiobook streaming service that allows listeners to enjoy thousands of stories whenever and wherever they have time. With BookBeat you’ll get access to a huge range of audiobooks – from the latest releases to the classics in every imaginable genre. First launched in Sweden in 2015 and shortly after in Finland. Their UK market went live at the beginning of March 2017.

BookBeat have set out to create the best possible service for digital books. Their goal is to make it as easy as possible for everyone to find and experience great stories with an easy £14.90 monthly subscription service. 

I have been asked by the company to give my views on their product and affiliate links maybe contained in this article, but I can assure you all that I only choose to affiliate with companies that I believe will benefit my readers and everything I write is from the heart. You can read my disclosure policy for more details.

With BookBeat in your pocket, listeners will have access to thousands of audiobooks. Listen wherever and whenever you have time. On mobile, or tablet.

Bookbeat audiobooks on ipad tablet

BookBeat has recently launched in the UK and I have been testing the product out for you all. Now I am not the most tech friendly person on the planet and I love reading, but have only ever listened to one audiobook in my life. So this was a whole new experience for me.

With BookBeat you can:

  • Listen as much as you want
  • Stream or download to listen offline
  • Choose from thousands of audiobooks
  • Discover the classics and new releases
  • Listen wherever you want, whenever you want
  • Cancel at any time. There are no Commitments

I downloaded the app onto my tablet and found the interface very user friendly, yes even for tech-newbies like me. I have a list of authors I like to read and follow so I searched through my list and downloaded three books to begin with. You can listen online without downloading, but obviously downloading, gives you the ability to travel more freely, be able to listen anytime and the clever little app, remembers where you are if you pause or log off, so no remembering what ‘page number’ you had got to. I really enjoyed being able to listen in the kitchen while cooking.

I am going to do a book review on the first audio book I have just finished listening to; Wish Upon a Star by Trisha Ashley soon, so look out for that and will be publishing a second BookBeat post explaining some more of the great features.

You can also join the discussion by commenting below what your favourite book of all time is and why.

*There may be affiliation links in this post. See my disclosure policy for more details. 


  1. I love listening to audio books this sounds great! xx

    Sophia xx http://sophiawhitham.co.uk

    1. Thank you for engaging. I have discovered a whole new world.

  2. So glad you introduced me to this app! Very glad to check it out! Pinning it, too!!

    1. Thank you. If you really are interested I will be able to offer you a special introductory deal if you subscribe by email.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Thanks for connecting Lea. If you Join my mailing list I can let you have a special introductory offer to the service. I have found a new love of listening.

  4. This is so cool! I'm quite old school so I haven't tried audiobooks (yet). I'm gonna have to check BookBeat out!

    1. I am loving the app. I listened today while in the car driving from Birmingham to Wales.

  5. this is very educating! thanks for sharing

  6. Thank you for reading and connecting. Your kind words are appreciated. I will be offering a subscription deal soon too. So be sure to check back or sign up.

  7. Thank's a lot for this review! I love audiobooks and have been with audible for quite some time.. It may be time for a change, so definitely going to check them out further :)

    xx Mouna- www.howimetmystyle.com

  8. Great to hear Mouna. If you subscribe to my email list can offer you a special deal voucher of 1 month free trial.

  9. I've never listened to one single audio book but I feel like this is something I'd really enjoy, especially at night time. :)

    1. Thanks for connecting Rosie. If you sign up to my newsletters I can offer you a month free trial with them.


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