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National Stationery Week April 2017

Papyrus Stationery

National Stationery Week 24-30 April 2017

To celebrate such a prestigious week that this year focuses on ‘Writing Matters’ I wanted to share with you all my stationery story.

My business Papyrus Stationery was born out of a girly love for all things stationery: pens & notebooks, pink & floral. I think possibly it stems right back to childhood when my uncle worked for Helix and we had wonderfully exciting presents every time he visited. Every stationery item you can imagine. Pens, pencil cases, rubbers, sharpeners, the list goes on.

It was this early obsession that began my first childhood collection of rubbers, in every shape, size and colour you could possibly think of. Smelly ones, pretty ones, pretty smelly ones. Never used obviously, just displayed in box after box.

Betty Boop Diary

I was around the age of 8 to 10 years old when I was given a gift of a Betty Boop, lockable diary journal and matching fountain pen. The picture on the right is of the one that I had. This was the best present and I still remember it fondly 30 plus years on. This simple gift began my love of writing and because it was lockable I felt so empowered at such a young age to journal all my thoughts, feelings, trials, tribulations and celebrations. From this moment on, I have continued to journal and still do to this day.

Blogging is an electronic way of keeping a journal I suppose, but I still write by hand too. I love the flow of thoughts to travel from the mind, down your arm, through your hand and out the end of the pen. The gentle strokes of ink gliding across the paper forming these beautiful shapes that become words. It was from this that I taught myself calligraphy and would spend hours practicing my new art and hobby. Although that is one skill I have let slip and would dearly love to find a calligraphy class that I could attend to pick the skill back up and re-discover my hobby.

I worked for more years than I care to mention in office administration and one of my many roles during this time was responsibility for ordering, organising and distributing the office stationery. I loved that job, oh yes. Being paid to ‘play’ with stationery all day.

I then gave up work for several years to raise my family before returning to the world of paid work in schools. This gave me a perfect excuse for indulging my passion once again buying copious amounts of lovely items for use in work both personally and for all the children too.

With my children growing and very settled in their respective schools I found I had a little bit more free time in the evenings and at weekends. At the age I now am I decided it is time for a mini mid-life crisis and needed to do something for me, so I set up Papyrus Stationery.  I sold standard stationery items as well as handmade items online and made myself a little bit of pocket money from the venture.

Handmade faux leather notebooks

As is often the case with the journey of life. You often bump a pothole in the badly paved road this was the case when my youngest son was diagnosed with a rare cancer that saw us put all our lives onto a different path. I closed my beloved business and mentally am unable to work at the moment as I support him through a grueling treatment regime. Hopefully in time he will be well enough to return to school and I once again to work, but will it be back to my stationery business. I am not sure, maybe it is time for a new vocation. I have a few ideas, but one thing is for certain. I will never be without my journal. My Filofax is always close to my side, to scribble ideas, journal my inner most private thoughts, or write copious notes and lists to remember all the mum things I have to do.

Pink Butterfly personal organiser by Filofax
Join the the fun this week If you are simply a #stationeryaddict , there are so many ways to get involved.  Using the Seven Days of Stationery hashtags below to share the love on social media and let me know in the comments section what your favourite stationery item you can not be without is and why.
Tuesday - #GetCrafty
Wednesday - #WorldStationeryDay
Thursday - #ThankYouThursday


  1. My favourite stationery item has to be washi tape. I have been thinking of you and your son.

    1. Great Stationery choice. So many colours and designs, such versatility. Your kind words about Ryan are appreciated, have you been following his blog at

  2. *Puts hand up* - Stationery addict here too! :)

    1. Great to hear. Nikki-Ann. What is your most favourite Stationery item, that you can't live without? MS. x


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