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How I began my blogging empire: Cost Free, Stress Free.

Happy Bloggerversary In 2010 I began my blogging journey. I had dabbled a little bit in 2009, but only as an experiment, those early blogs have been relegated to the deepest depths of Google’s archives (I hope). My 2010 blog is still live and the beginning of my blogging empire. It was an online diary for family and friends to update them about an extremely eventful period in my family’s life. When House Met Van.

General Election: The reasons why you should vote

Snap General Election Special

With 2 weeks to go until the snap general election on Thursday 8 June. I thought I would write an election special post to add my thoughts to the emotive topic of politics and the reasons why you should vote. You don’t need many guesses to know who I will be voting for. I have been a member of the Green Party for almost a year now. I can even tell you the exact date I joined; on June 25 2016. Why did I join a political party at the ripe old age of 41? I will tell you. The EU referendum, that’s why.

Alzheimer's Society - Cupcake Day

Cupcake Day- 15 June 2017 As you may already know, Dementia is the number one cause of death in England and Wales. I have already written several posts on dementia and alzheimer's as it is a subject that has impacted my life directly,and I am sure everyone reading this post will have been affected or know someone that has. Dementia doesn’t discriminate and currently there is no cure. The Alzheimer’s Society is aiming to change this and they need our help. Your help and the help of cupcakes.

What is Mental Health?

The Definition of Mental Health
It has become more obvious to me recently that children and young people are increasingly likely to suffer from mental health problems, which impacts their overall well-being. I have been a teaching assistant for 9 years now and early intervention is critical in controlling the trend.

Monthly Roundup - April

April 2017 April started off at my life’s usual manic pace with two of our three dogs needing a trip to the vet. Loki our GSD was easy, her visit was simply her annual booster vaccination. Mojo, the JRT however was a little more trouble as he has daily steroid medication for a life long allergy problem, but he had run out of tablets.