Monthly Roundup - April

Monthly Roundup blog post April - Parenting, Pastimes and Prosecco

April 2017 

April started off at my life’s usual manic pace with two of our three dogs needing a trip to the vet. Loki our GSD was easy, her visit was simply her annual booster vaccination. Mojo, the JRT however was a little more trouble as he has daily steroid medication for a life long allergy problem, but he had run out of tablets.

Loki, GSD. Neo, Beagle. Mojo, JRT dogs sleeping

As a result of no medication, Mojo’s allergies had flared up and he had an ear infection poor thing. I had to get that sorted asap as poorly teen and I only had 2 nights at home before heading back to Cardiff with poorly teen, for another week of treatment with chemotherapy cycle 5. This proved to be the hardest week of my life to date mentally. I suffered a breakdown and ended up in treatment and counseling myself leaving hubby to manage Ryan and his chemo. I will be writing a post about my darkest time to coincide with mental health week in May. Get in contact and let me know if you want to take part by writing a guest post.

Mental Health Week May 2017

Ryan’s chemo cycle went well medically but he had to spent 10 days on IV antibiotics after picking up an infection, This added delay meant he spent Easter in hospital, which has its advantages as he was inundated with chocolate eggs, much to his delight and gluttony. I write more about our cancer capers at

Easter Eggs April Monthly Roundup

So I do hope I haven’t bored you all off. If you are still with me, then I will pick up the mood from here I promise. This month saw me get into a regular habit each morning over coffee of reading the first blog post link that popped up in my twitter feed that morning as I scrolled. I have read many fantastic posts as a result and these are just a few of my favourites.

Favourite Posts
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Becoming a stay at home mum - Tale of Mummyhood

I have had a new laptop too. I kept telling hubby I couldn’t justify it and that I would manage on my iPad. Oh dear. Formatting blog posts on an iPad does not work, especially when said iPad has consistent security recommendation issues and will not connect to WiFi. Also trying to write my uni essays and referencing was proving incredibly frustrating, no wonder my eyes have been so bad recently, so when he insisted I didn’t object too loudly.
DadiSkilts treated me and I have gone old school though with a lush 13″ Toshiba Portege. How on earth I was managing on my iPad I will never know. I have set myself up with a little home office corner in my conservatory to blog and uni my days away and I am loving it. I am surrounded by my pawesome trio of furry friends and can watch the garden birds from the window. Bliss.
Conservatory Home Office Laptop Setup

How was everyone else’s April? Good I hope. Have you read any other roundup posts or do you write one yourself? Comment below let me know the best and worst things that happened to you during April. Connect on social media with #MamiSkiltsRU


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