8 ways The Diet Plate can work for you!

The Diet Plate Perfect Portion Weight Management System

The perfect portion weight management system.

I do not recall the exact time that I first saw The Diet PlateⓇ advertised. I was a few years ago now. I remember thinking wow that looks awesome, but never actually did anything about ordering one. This oversight on my part was due to a) not being prepared to dish out (see what I did there) any money and b) thought, oh it is just another gimmick that won’t actually work.

Yo-yo diet.

Now I have battled for almost all of my adult life with my weight. I yo-yo between 63-72kg (10 and 11 stone). I want to be 63kg I tend to hover around the 70kg mark instead. This really gets me down. As it is a dress size difference and an uncomfortable one at that.  I have tried almost every diet on the market, from milkshake diets to cereal diets, I have tried swinging between red and green days, to fully paid up weekly weigh in watcher meetings. I am well into my 40s now and now have the added freebie of my metabolism slowing with age making weight loss and even harder task. Gee thanks, mother nature.

Online digital diet.

I saw an advert a few weeks ago now, offering mentors the opportunity to become part of The Diet Plate Online. I signed up and was lucky enough to be invited to join up with Kay Illingworth. We talked for over an hour on the telephone about the plan and weight management system. I was really impressed with her own background and immediately signed up for an online account. It was super easy to create an account, all I had to enter was my height, and current weight, the clever website suggests a target weight or you can set your own. Next, you choose your weight loss rate. I chose .75kg (1.5lb) per week, which is the medium rate.

I added my first set of foods to the food diary and love the graphics, that give you lots of nutritional information about the food choices you have made. Nothing is off limits on the plan, but by educating the facts and figures behind the food, I am definitely thinking about my choices more closely than I was before.

The Diet Plate Perfect Portion Weight Management System Online Digital Club8 ways The Diet Plate can work for you.

  1. Intake targets calculated specifically for you
Every week a new intake target is calculated especially for you, designed to keep you moving consistently towards your goal weight. While at the same time absorbing missed targets and avoiding weight loss plateaus.

  1. You set the goal, speed and intensity
We estimate what your ideal weight should be, but your actual goal weight is up to you. You also set how quick and intense you want your diet plan to be.

  1. Nothing is off the menu
You can eat whatever you want, the only rule is to try and hit your intake target as close as possible. As long as you're on target more often than not, you'll get results.

  1. RDA and nutritional information
See at a glance what is in your food, even if it’s something you've made from scratch. You can also see how balanced your diet is in general, enabling you to make healthier choices. Our calorie counting portion controlled plates and bowl, which alleviate the stress of measuring or weighing your food. Available for men, women and children.

  1. 0.5 - 2 KG / 1 - 4 pounds of weight loss per week
With each week that passes, those using our unique nutritionally balanced portion control plates will see a steady weight loss of 1-4 pounds.

  1. Clinically proven to work
The Diet Plate has been through clinical trials, which show it is not only a valid weight loss tool but also effective in controlling type 2 Diabetes.

  1. Visual calorie counting system
Simply serve your meal within the designated sections and you'll automatically get appropriate portion sizes. No weighing or counting required on your part.

  1. Calorie counting bowl
The companion to any of our portion control plates and the completing piece to the calorie counting system. A simple colour band method is used for cereals and soups.

The Perfect Portion.

I am really enjoying the plan so far. I don’t have to leave the house for weigh-in sessions. I don't have to worry about what colour day I am eating. I am not sick to the back teeth of milkshakes or cereal. I lost 1.2 kg in the first week. Which is an impressive 2.5lbs. I enjoyed filling the areas of the plate with my Sunday dinner and even the curry and rice was easy to work out with a bit of help from the equally perfect guide book that comes with the plate and bowl set. The handy booklet guides you through the ethos behind the design, how Kay came to create The Diet Plate and plan. An easy 6 step walkthrough to a calorie controlled breakfast and eye-opening colour coded cereals chart. There is also ideas and advice for perfect lunches, snacks and desserts.

I love not having to weigh foods and calculate calories. I get to enjoy all the same lovely meals we cook as a family I am just much more conscious about the size of my portions compared to those of my strapping teenage boys and realising I was matching them for plate size and calorie intake.

You can read more about the plan on the blog sign up for the digital Diet Plate that counts the calories, so you don't have to. Join the chat on social media #thedietplate or comment below with your weight loss stories. Do you have a foolproof plan? Or a funny fail? Let us know about your own battle of the bulge.


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