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May 2017.

How another round up post has come round again, I simply don’t know, but what a difference to last month’s post. Things are so much better and more positive this round up. May started well when I became the parent to an adult child. Grumpy Teen turned 18. It just so happens that on the same day youngest teen had his last day of chemo on the Teenage Cancer Trust ward in Cardiff Hospital. Grumpy teen and his girlfriend drove across South Wales to spend the day with Ryan, then Dadi Skilts and I took the birthday boy and his girlfriend for a cheeky Nando's at Cardiff Bay.

Ryan was discharged from hospital and we had been home for a couple of weeks recuperating before maintenance started when I received the most surreal phone call from oncology. Ryan doesn't need any maintenance. His treatment is over. We have been discharged. He can go back to school. I could barely speak down the phone I was so stunned. A nurse has already been to take out his feeding tube at home and our local hospital will arrange the operation to have his Hickman line out. I don't ever have to go to TCT again.

The reason the doctors had said two years maintenance is because they had assumed it would be the same as the Leukemias, but they have received confirmation from Japan that SMILE is different. Done. Finished. Over. I can't believe it.

A friend of mine has entered IronMan Wales competition in September, that takes places across Tenby. She is raising money on behalf of Ryan for Latch, The Welsh Children’s Cancer charity. I will be doing a separate post on this amazing gesture, but we received another awesome phone call, this time from The South Wales Guardian. They have picked up Emma's Latch fundraising and are going to run a regular feature on her and Ryan from now till September.

You can donate to Emma’s Just Giving page and read about her story and Ryan’s in the South Wales Guardian.

IronMan, Tenby, Wales, at sunset
IronMan: Tenby, Wales

WordPress disaster

One of the not so positive experiences of May was my failed attempt at moving from the Blogger platform across to self hosted WordPress .org using Bluehost. I have felt very pressured as a blogger that I am inferior to the vast majority because I am not a WordPress user. Admittedly I have been frustrated with Blogger and the limited functions available to users, so decided that the only way I was going to be able to progress as a serious blogger would be to make the switch. I am going to tell the whole story about the disaster in a separate post, but no need for a spoiler alert as you may have already twigged. It did not go well and in fact caused me a great deal of stress, anxiety and tears. Bluehost to be fair were extremely helpful and tried hard to support my effort, but it simply wasn’t to be. Not at this time anyway.

Favourite Blogs and Bloggers in May:

Grab a coffee, take half an hour and enjoy

@EnvyFisher - Liebster Award.

June events and offers.


You may have read my previous post promoting the new Audiobooks app by BookBeat. I am loving the app and the team are offering my readers a free one month trial for the app if you sign up to the MamiSkilts club. Join MamiSkilts and receive your link to a month’s free trial of the app worth £14.99.  I have read 5 books so far. Have just started my sixth and have four more lined up to read.

Cupcake Day

June 15th sees Alzheimer’s Society hold their national Cupcake Day to raise awareness and much needed funds in the fight against dementia. If you are holding or attending an event, get in contact and let me know as I am happy to advertise for you on my blog and social media for free in the run up to your event.

Cyfrwys Crafts

If you are a regular reader to my blog you will know that I am a keen crafter, or at least I was. I have let things slip badly as a result of Ryan’s illness and my mum’s dementia. Over the summer I am hoping to open an online craft shop to sell handmade items.  
  • Do I go for Etsy, Folksy or Shopify?
  • Do you craft, would you like to sell in my shop?

Get in contact if you can answer either of the above questions or connect on social media #MamiSkiltsRU

Sneak Peak

I am working on some special freebie resources and also super excited to announce soon, two amazing new collaborations that I am sure you will love in my lifestyle section and one of them will see me offer the biggest giveaway extravaganza to date on MamiSkilts. So be sure to watch this space and check back regularly as I will launch as soon as I have the details finalised, or better still join the MamiSkilts club to receive all the news, offers and freebies straight to your inbox.  

*Affiliate links may appear in this post. Please see my disclosure policy for more details.


  1. What great news about your youngest being discharged. It's so hard to tell what will be ahead for someone when they undergo long term treatment for something. Sending my best wishes to you all! And I'm sorry to hear about your wordpress struggles. I've recently upgraded from a free WP account to a paid one, and though I don't see a huge amount of difference between the free account to the paid, I know I didn't want to take the step to self-hosted. I'm pretty good at technology, but I don't understand it enough for it to go smoothly. I hope you manage to get there with the help of Bluehost!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Erin, especially regarding my son. He is doing well thankfully. I am going to stick with Blogger for now. They have made a couple of upgrades and I am pleased with my theme, widgets and layout at last, but never say never about Wordpress. Maybe when my head is a bit clearer I might look again at a move. I love your layout with the photos down the page and snippets of text. Lovely, clean and uncluttered. x


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