Moon Crossing Book Review

Moon Crossing by Cathy Farr book review

Moon Crossing Book Review

Author: Cathy Farr

Why I chose this book: I loved Moon Chase, the first book in the series, which finished on a cliffhanger.

Illustration: Sam Wall (cover) and Alan Marks (in book)
Classification: Fiction

Moon Crossing Arrival

When Moon Crossing arrived in the post, I excitedly opened the package and immediately messaged Cathy as I was blown away by the gorgeous cover. The colours are striking and the cover had the most amazing feel to it. Cathy replied to my message to say it had been a lucky mistake as she had ordered matt covers in error. Well I was suitably impressed and this is one of the many reasons I love physical books as much as I appreciate the convenience of audio books. Both certainly have their place in literary history.

Cathy’s first novel, Moon Chase was inspired by her first Irish wolfhound Finn. Who became the basis for her Fellhounds of Thesk series. Cathy’s work as a part time teacher also inspired her wish to improve young children's reading so she has spent time liaising with Afasic to adapt her novels as a Bridge Readers™. Throughout the book she enriches exposure to new language and provides a glossary in each of her books to help children to discover what words and phrases mean and the concept of synonyms.

I adore the line drawings that appear throughout the story. Which serve as a help to struggling readers to make sense of the story adding a visual aspect to kinesthetic learning and as a bridge from children's to young adult books.

The Story

Even as an adult I learned something new from reading. I had no idea what a Bee Skep was, so I had to do a bit of research and found: Bee Skeps are a decorative garden item, conical in shape, usually made from braided straw. Once used to keep bees, they were discarded when hives that could be opened to harvest honey or care for the bees were developed, as the skep had to be destroyed to gather the honey.

This is one of the many reasons I love to read. I have a thirst for knowledge and even reading a fictional story you can learn new things. The other great thing that Cathy does is use rich language to introduce young readers to an expanded vocabulary, but she also provides a glossary in the back and a list of synonyms. This is a great tool which I have used in my professional capacity as a Speech Therapy assistant.

Halfway through reading I had to tweet Cathy as I had just finished chapter seventeen of Moon Crossing on what was a sneaky twist by the author. I don't want to give any spoilers away so will only add the the overview of the blurb. The story picks up with the search for Tally, who is missing. Lady Elanor, Tally’s sister has asked Will to lead the rescue, but he must find her and get her back home before the crossing of the twin moons. This is almost a seeming impossible task, before Wil and his three best friends have even set off on their quest. The odds are certainly not in their favour.

If you enjoy a feel good story, with lots of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your comfort level, that allows you to lose your self from the drum of real life and escape to faraway lands. Moon Crossing definitely ticks all those boxes. Cathy has a great writing style that appeals to children and adults alike.

I really hope there is still more to come. No pressure Cathy…

Have you read any of Cathy Farr’s novels? I have also reviewed Cathy's first book Moonchase.

Does my review encourage you to try the Fellhounds fantasy? Get in contact either by commenting below or find myself and Cathy on twitter: @mamiskilts @Cathy_Farr


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