Monthly Roundup - June

Monthly Roundup - June -

June 2017

Officially half way through the year and what a 6 months it has been so far. 2016 was by far the worst year in my family’s lives. It was utterly devastating but 2017 has been so much more positive. We are slowly learning to live our lives once again. I try so hard to find the positives in all life’s hurdles and this is where my blogging comes into its own. I initially started as a form of therapy. Writing about my experiences, yet it has grown to be so much more.

Parenting, Pastimes, Prosecco

On 20 February 2017, I created I had plans to offer mentoring and lifestyle advice to others. Create ebooks and free resources to help others in their own daily situations. I got caught up in the whole blogging ethos and felt pressured into self-hosting and creating an empire. I cannot thank everyone enough for the support they have given my little corner of the internet, but I did too much too soon and it really knocked the progress I had made with my mental health. I have always been a very driven person. Always on the go, feeling life is too short, you must not stop or waste any time being too slow. This approach works for some, for many and used to for me but not anymore.

Thank you greeting - Parenting, Pastimes, Prosecco -

Life is a journey

I have tried a couple to times to put the proverbial car back into sports mode, but have realised due to several stalls that I have to preserve the delicate engine I have left and take things at a slower pace. I will still get to my destination, life is not a race, it is a journey. One to be savoured and enjoyed. It is good to stop off and enjoy the view every so often. Look back at where you have travelled so far, marvel at how far you have come. Plan the next stage of your adventure.

WildDunk Camping

Four months after creating PPP, I realised that 2 of our posts have not quite gone viral, but have far outperformed any of the other posts I have written. The 2 posts were on a topic that had absolutely no correlation to my original niche and was a new feature that I had introduced at the end of May. This got me thinking. What was different about these posts why were they doing so well? These two posts were my new feature #WILDDUNK and from this, we are now in the process of setting up a new business venture that will formally launch on 4th September 2017 WildDunk Camping. A business plan written. Funding in place. Website in progress. Seriously nervous. Secretly excited.

WildDunk Camping Logo - is completely utterly totally not the direction I was expecting to go in but that's the beauty of this whole blogging world; you just have no idea what it is going to open you up to you. The doors that can open. It was a lightbulb moment, something that would never occur to me to have done. One of those ‘it's so obvious you just can't see the wood for the trees’ ideas.

Favourite Reads.

  • Llinos wrote a marvellous short story, which you can download for free at thelilaclinnett.
  • I love Rosy and her lovely blog a fellow bookworm and google blogger. Share the love.
  • Eden is an established Be Your Own Boss mentor. Her advice and guidance have been a huge source of support as I create WildDunk Camping. Find a wealth of knowledge on her website:

Business Plan

Melyssa Griffin is another entrepreneur mentor and offers a free, yes free, business plan template and guide. It is so detailed and really made me sit and think through my idea, which is exactly the point. It took several days to draft the plan using her well thought out and detailed guide and I am really happy with the results. Well worth the effort and I have a professional document and mission statement to start WildDunk off.

July Competition

If you have seen last week’s post you will know that I launched the biggest giveaway I have ever done on Parenting, Pastimes, Prosecco. The lovely Charlotte at Mia Tui has kindly gifted one of her new Megan cross-body handbags for a very lucky MamiSkilts reader. Be sure to check out the link in my Mia Tui post to be in with a chance of winning this stunning prize. The competition closes on 29.7.17 and you can enter multiple times. Good luck.
Mia Tui - Megan handbag -
Win a Mia Tui - Megan Handbag


  1. Wish you so much success and best of luck on WildDunk Sarah! x

    1. Thank you Chelsea. I hope I will still be allowed to hangout with my blogging buddies. 🦋


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