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The Diet Plate®  

I don’t feel at all as if I am on a diet. I eat exactly what my family are eating. I am not buying or cooking separate meals. The plate allows me to be mindful of my portion sizes without the age old “mum’s on a diet again” comments and feelings of missing out.

That got me thinking. Should it even be called The Diet Plate at all? So I did a very sad thing and googled the actual Oxford dictionary definition of the word.

Diet: noun - The kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.

Yes, it can also mean a special course of food to which a person restricts themselves, either to lose weight or for medical reasons, but that is the beauty of The Diet Plate. It fits all of these and more. Kay is has thought of everything and there is even a Children’s Magic Plate, that has no reference or mentions to diets at all.

Magic Plate

The children's plate has been developed for boys and girls aged 4 to 10 years to teach portion control early on. We don't want to get children hung up on diets or develop issues around their body image but it will obviously work for children who do need to lose some weight. It is cleverly designed with no mention of the word diet and it gives you the option to either share the secret with the child or allow them to enjoy their meals in blissful ignorance.

The Children's Magic Plate - mamiskilts,co.ukA child that needs to lose weight will do if they adhere to the plate and once they reach their goal weight the parent can then begin reintroducing some healthy snacks and occasional treats. The plate will keep the recommended calorie intake for the children of good portion control. If you are in in any doubts though about using the children's Magic Plate make sure you seek some advice from your doctor and you can take information about The Diet Plate, perfect portion weight management system with you to show your GP.

I love the design of the children's place and the wizard idea is great. It reminds me of Harry Potter which children will absolutely love and get on board with. If you do have The Diet Plate yourself as a parent, the children will enjoy having a similar setup and being like mummy or daddy which will work well too. Kay offers a really good way of introducing healthy eating, the eat well ethos and portion control to your children and an early age.

Diabetes the global diabetes community has taken on board Kay’s invention of The Diet Plate and they use it to advertise the proven control that it can have over your type 2 diabetes. Kay discovered through her own personal experience and setting up of The Diet Plate Weight Management System that it is near impossible to accurately guess the weight of the food you are eating and this is one of the biggest difficulties faced by dieters, including calorie counting and weighing out food. The Diet Plate has the portion sizes set out on the plate and in the book to help you for different food groups the ultimate portion control. Hassle-free, consistent and it works. Proven to aid diabetes management the research has been conducted by Sue Pederson of the University of Calgary in Canada. She conducted a series of trials and concluded from using The Diet Plate over 6 months, diabetic patients will be able to reduce their reliance on diabetic medication including insulin. Over 80% of its participants lost more weight than the control participants and they also saw a drop in their cholesterol levels all from using The Diet Plate. I really don't see what you've got to lose (see what I did there) It is a lovely design. It doesn't make you feel bad that you are on a diet or get you down. It is so easy to use, just make it part of your everyday kitchen utensil cupboard. Enjoy.

My stats from using The Diet Plate so far:

  • You have dropped your BMI class down to normal!
  • You have reached 10% of the way to your target weight!
  • You have lost your first Kilogram!

I wrote previously about the 8 ways The Diet Plate can work for you. If you haven't had a chance to read it yet, it is well worth 5 minutes. It has proved a very successful post
Finished adding food to The Diet Plate and enjoy your meal. -
Finished plate - enjoy
How to use The Diet Plate -
How to use The Diet Plate

Weighing Tips
1) Don't weigh yourself any more than once per week.

2) Use the same scales each time.

3) Weigh yourself in the morning on the same day of each week.

4) Try to weigh yourself naked, or at least wearing the same clothes each time.

5) Don't weigh yourself after exercising.

6) Make sure your scales are on a solid, flat, level surface, ideally not on carpet.

Do you have any weight loss wonders? Any victories we can help celebrate, or set backs we can help support you through? Get in contact #mamiskilts.


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