When House Met Van

Day 1

Wednesday 13 January 2010 was not a usual Wednesday morning but it was similar to recent days. Snow had been laying for over 3 weeks and we had another 5-8cm fall on Tuesday night so Grumpy Teen's primary school was shut yet again due to dangerous roads & pavements and broken heating. My work was open however, so DadiSkilts decided to work from home to look after boys and we felt there was little point dragging GT up and out to trek youngest son across to his primary school, as the conditions were not safe so we let them sleep in. 

I had a leisurely breakfast and left for work early as the roads were very slushy and icy. I got to work on time but very few children had yet made it to school so I put my bag and coat by and sat down to sort out the readers I was going to listen to that day; it was 9:05am and my phone rang. “oooppps, sorry Mrs H-P I forgot to put my phone on silent”.

The actual phone conversation is somewhat hazy at this point by it went something like:



DS – “YES”.

Phone goes dead. I burst into tears........

Read the rest of the story here.

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